Introducing Kundi Bora: Analytics for Ushahidi


I am taking a class in University that has us contributing to a Free Open Source Software (FOSS) project as a means to learn about real world project development. FOSS is a great way to cut your teeth as a software developer because these projects rely on contributions from anyone with the skill and time to do so. Contributing to a FOSS project allows a developer, especially one just starting out, to build their portfolio outside of school and on top of whatever employment they may or may not have as a developer. Large FOSS projects, Firefox for example, are usually managed professionally by a dedicated team and so contributing to them builds experience working within a development team and environment where there are coding standards to follow and team members who you work with and who scrutinize your work.


Ushahidi is a FOSS project developed to take in and represent data geographically. It was initially developed in response to the unrest following the 2008 kenyan elections. Ushsahidi was used to take in reports of unrest and represented them on a google map of Kenya. Since then, Ushahidi has been deployed for tracking disasters to pot holes via user submitted reports and boasts 3000+ deployments.


Ushahidi 2.7.2 uses the Kohana php framework. This framework uses a modular cascading file system. Ushahidi is modular in its very nature, with the default directories present in a basic Ushahidi install being essentially hard coded modules. We added to this by adding out plugin to the plugins folder.

The arrows and their direction represent decreasing precedence.


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