Custom Login Popup for Moodle

As part of my current contract position, I have created a plugin for Moodle that others may find useful. The plugin takes the form of a block that will open a popup window upon the user logging in containing different content determined by a condition set by the Admin. I’m still fleshing out what conditions will be available to the Admin. The idea is to allow Admins to set multiple conditions in order to deliver different content to specific groups of users. The current functionality displays different content based on the last time the user logged in. The popup shares the same theme but only includes the top tool bar rather than the standard layout. No other blocks are displayed and neither is the breadcrumb navigation. This gives the Admin the whole page to work with when adding content and also allows the popup to remain small. These popups are not meant to be fully fledged Moodle pages. Users are meant to read the content then exit the page rather then navigate Moodle within it.

The reason I chose to make this plugin a block is because I see the block being used to give a quick summary or notification of the popups content. The plugin is still in development so a better use of the block content space may become clear as I work on it or I may change the plugin type to get rid of the block functionality. The code for this plugin is available on my github account. Check back soon for more updates about this plugin and be sure to check out my other Moodle plugins!